The US 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter
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Is this America’s most controversial coin?

The US 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter
The US 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter
The US 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter

Is this America’s most controversial coin?

Released on 17 January 1917, this Silver Quarter was met with public outcry over the “obscene” design.

Known as a Standing Liberty Quarter (Type 1), the coin depicts Lady Liberty with her right breast exposed.

The symbolism of the exposed breast is unknown – is it America’s belief of dominance saying “come and suckle from the world’s mother” or a symbol of peace and openness?

Either way, the public was not impressed, deeming the design obscene and demanding that it be changed.

The creation of a classic coin

The bare-breasted Liberty Quarters started disappearing from circulation, so Congress ordered a redesign shortly after launch, recalling the offending coins to have them melted down.

The designer, Hermon MacNeil, went from one extreme to the other, covering Liberty with chainmail almost to the neck. This second design is known as the Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter and when it replaced Type 1, it turned the bare-breasted example into an instant collectable.

Limited numbers available

With so many melted down and others tucked away in collections, the bare-breasted Standing Liberty Quarter is a rare coin and we have only been able to import a small number from America for Coin Portfolio Management clients.

Don’t delay if you want to add one of these storied coins to your Portfolio.

They are supplied in a tamper-proof capsule and housed in a wooden presentation case.

The US 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter

Price £445.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)
Application Ref: 185 P807 0


  • Diameter: 24.26mm
  • Weight: 6.25g
  • Metal: 900 Silver
  • Obverse: Bare-breasted Lady Liberty
  • Reverse: Eagle in Flight
  • Country of Issue: United States of America
  • Year of Issue: 1917
Price £445.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)