US Silver Morgan Dollar- The Ultimate American Classic
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US Silver Morgan Dollar- The Ultimate American Classic


US Silver Morgan Dollar- The Ultimate American Classic

Own the original Morgan Dollar

Struck in the time of cowboys, outlaws and the frontier, the Morgan Dollar represents the history of “old” America.

Your coin could have been stolen at gunpoint by Jesse James or even Billy the Kid. They both would have settled their bills, gambled and paid their fines using the Morgan Dollar.

Why you should have a Morgan Dollar in your Portfolio

Millions upon millions of Morgan Dollars were melted down. In 1918, over half in circulation were recalled and melted down by the US government. Then again in the 1960s and 70s as opportunists sought to make a quick buck by turning coins into silver bullion. This lead to some years becoming ultra-rare (and ultra-valuable).

Less than 1 of every 5 Morgan Dollars struck is believed to survive today.

As the Morgan Dollars disappeared, the appetite for them from collectors grew, making them even more scarce.

And the story behind a Morgan Dollar is likely to be as interesting as any you can find attached to a coin. Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Doc Holliday. These are just some of the names associated with the period when these coins were in circulation.

As with all of our “Classic” coins, your Morgan Dollar will be sealed in a tamper-proof see-through case with a security hologram to ensure its quality remains for generations to come.

It will then be housed in a Wooden Presentation Case along with its Certificate of Authenticity that confirms the provenance and history of your coin.

All of this and you can still own an authentic Morgan Dollar for just £49.99.

Limited numbers imported direct from US dealers

I have only been able to import a limited stock from US dealers, so if you would like to add one of these legendary coins to your Portfolio, I suggest that you move to secure yours today.

US Silver Morgan Dollar

Price £49.99 (+ £3.99 p&p)
Application Ref: 185 871R 0


  • Years of Issue 1878-1904, 1921
  • Diameter 38.10mm
  • Weight 26.73g
  • Metal 900/1000 Silver
  • Obverse Liberty (George T Morgan)
  • Reverse Eagle (George T Morgan)
  • Country of Issue United States
Price £49.99 (+ £3.99 p&p)